Challenge Fund Initial Application for an existing project wanting to become a Franchisor

Public Invitation:

The Cinnamon Network Challenge Fund invites Christian charities (ministries and churches) in the UK who are new emerging franchisors and who want to develop and promote a Community Franchise based upon their local community project with a proven track record to apply for 2 year development funding. (Grants from the Social Action Fund allocation can only be given to Christian organisations in England).

Small grant funding (up to £6,000 per year and for a maximum of 2 years) will be made available to successful applicants to develop and implement their franchise strategy. The funds must be matched by the Charity involved.

Successful applicants will need to be able to demonstrate that they meet the following criteria:

  • be a registered charity or CIC with up to date audited accounts readily available;
  • be a local community project with a proven track record;
  • be applying to develop a specialised franchisor ministry that currently has no or very few existing franchisors;
  • have already piloted, albeit informally, replication of their model with a church or churches;
  • be in a ‘ready’ position to be able to develop and implement their new franchisor strategy;
  • be in good relations with churches;
  • be prepared for a visit report to consider franchisor readiness;
  • be from an active local community project/organisation, preferably birthed out of a local church.

Successful applicants in England will need to commit to regular reporting in order to provide outcomes data to the Social Action Fund.

NOTE: On pressing 'Submit' button below, you will not get an automatic confirmation of receipt. We will respond to your application after initial review. Thank you.